FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I establish contact to a factory?

– Find a factory on our website database or leave us a message with your specific needs. Either way includes a correspondence with us where we make sure that you are matched with the right supplier.


Can BRICpro deliver an end-to-end solution so I only have to correspond with one agent that takes care of all my orders?

– Yes, BRICpro offers a full coverage of your production process – from prototyping to the end product.


Does BRICpro have the expertise to take care of the R&D of my products?

– Yes, we place great importance on product quality and our team consists of experts in the respective industries.


Will BRICpro assist in the event of complications with orders from the BRIC’s?

– Yes, the End-to-End Production Service includes 2 BRICpro site inspections at the plant, taking full responsibility for the production as expected by the customer.