Assembling Power To-Go

Below we selected some photos documenting the production process of Volt power banks. They will soon be arriving in Denmark – better, sharper and more resistant to the sometimes quite limited motoric skills of the party crowd at festivals (i. e. they are now more water resistant and close to unbreakable). Alongside more professional quality testing, Mads dropped them on the factory floor about 40 times – test passed.

This new batch of chargers has a few new cool features to it: Every piece is equiped with an RFID tag to make it easy for volunteers and Volt staff to organize and track each one through a serial number. The two parts of the battery case are joint together through ultrasonic technology in order to make it as strong as possible.

While at the factory BRICpro optimized the production process in terms of time efficiency so that the production capacity of batteries per day doubled. We moreover identified some bottlenecks and remodeled parts of the manufacturing process. In the end our team was able to add an additional stance of quality control for the time saved.

Stay charged and happy raving everyone!IMG_6883IMG_6871