Birger1962 – After Fashion.


BIRGER1962 is a new brand by Malene Birger. She left her fashion company with the same name back in 2010 to embark on new design territory: Interior. The idea is rooted in Malene Birger’s passion for crafts, art and culture. The vision of this brand is to combine design and art with open-minded interior decor concept. To find inspiration for her new brand, Malene travelled around the world to places like India and Africa.

By way of example, Birger has been appointed as UNICEF Denmark Ambassador. Since then she visited Africa bringing to life UNICEF projects of building schools and educating teachers. This explains the influence of African and Arabic cultures, which can be traced in her recent décor collection. Getting inspiration from all over the world makes Birger’s interiors truly global.

Birger1962 decor items combine future and past, traditional crafts and modernity, which makes her designs timeless. The items, such as tables, stools, chairs and puffs are released in limited editions. Her attitude towards future plans for the brand is rather sponatneous:

“My ambition is to go with the flow, and let unexpected projects lead BIRGER1962′s way towards its full bloom. A kind of creative re-birth.” – Malene Birger

Both Birger1962 and BRICpro are commited to Corporate Responsibility on a profound level. Its the mutual understanding of design and business as a vehicle for doing social good, which led to this collaboration.