Every once in a while, in our research for BRICpro clients, we come across cases of remarkable organizations in the countries and industries we engage with. During our trips we do not only deal with factories, but inevitably get in touch with NGOs, GOs, entrepreneurs, companies and other local initiatives, in a particular region.

While research and factory selection are at the top of our agenda, we can’t help but get excited about the CSR efforts of other people in the industry. At BRICpro we perceive ourselves as part of a movement to improve working conditions and overall CSR in global manufacturing.  Yet, we are well aware that the realm of CSR and the path to sustainability don’t end with the manufacturing of a product.

Moving an item from production to end-consumer, once more, involves dozens of people and an abundance of resources which have to be managed wisely. Long story short, we just found an Indian furniture company which does this in an excellent way, raising the CSR bar within the industry – and we don’t want to keep them a secret!

In their efforts to reach out to the local community, Bangalore-based Featherlite regularly donates furniture to schools, institutes and medical institutions. One of their recent CSR initiatives is the establishment of a high school for 250 students in an underpriviledged part of Bangalore. Being one of the leading furniture companies in India the people behind Featherlite are aware of their responsibility to set a good example in managing employees and the environment.

In 7 offices and 25 franchises across India Featherlite provides complete office furniture solutions for all segments of the market, while continuously striving to keep their environmental impact at a minimum and enhance corporate culture. Visiting this organization was a true pleasure and sparked our enthusiasm about young companies in emerging markets striving for excellence both in quality and responsibility. With innovative furnishing concepts and a humorous approach to office culture Featherlite tries to bring more than desks and chairs to the worlds’ offices. BRICpro currently supports Featherlite to find local distributors in Denmark, Germany and the US. If you are curious about their products and services feel free to send an email to info@bricpro.com.