Mater – Ethical Living

Source: Mater 2013

Founded in 2006 Mater is a Danish furniture and design company creating high-end furniture  and lighting with a timeless flair. The label stands out through its sophisticated but pure designs and an innovative use of materials. Mater’s creative endeavors and overall conduct are rooted in a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

In the company’s overall strategy Mater places great emphasis on ethical criteria. The label creates timeless and durable products that will both stand the test of time and inspire consumers to cherish and maintain. BRICpro is facilitating the development of selected products by Mater and we are eager to be part of the company’s overall CSR agenda.

Not at last through BRICpro, Mater adopts sustainable production practices supporting employees, local craft traditions and the environment. Mater moreover reflects our efforts to support the UN Human Rights Declaration and the UN Global Compact in order to contribute to a better global economy.

The Mater Cloudy Chair has been one of BRICpro’s first projects:


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