Yet another trip to the Middle Kingdom.  CSR consultant Signe and founder Nichlas flew to China last week in order to examine working conditions and make plans to improve CSR standards at selected BRICpro partner factories. This time Signe and Nichlas also gave a little workshop about wood treatment. Otherwise, their days are packed with staff interviews, quality control and research on new partners. The pictures below give a liitle impression.



“After 12 factory visits on this trip alone, we’ve experienced the incredible pace of the Chinese business world. And frankly, we are amazed by the degree of efficiency set forth, but time and again we realize, the most important aspect is to have a pedantic eye for detail amidst the rush. If not, there is absolutely no guarantee of quality and security standards.” Signe Sørensen


IMG_3271 (Copy) IMG_3437 (Copy)
signe & nichlas in china (Copy)