Old School Playmates

Lej med Flarwo

Can you produce safe, high quality toys in China?

Definitely. We all want the best for our little ones which is why a good deal of skepticism is appropriate when it comes to their playmates. Yet, a few negative headlines seem to have clouded the fact that China is a great place to make toys. The Design company Flarwo is an excellent example of a company that places great value on quality and safety while having their products pass a stress test. All of this was done in at a Chinese factory with our supervision. The outcome looks like this:

Ræv skilt Flarwo

Gruppe Flarwo

The motto of this toy collection is ‘back to the basics’. Inspired by toys from their childhood, the two founders created a set of different wooden animals that engage in the form of a puzzle. They remind us that less is more even when it comes to sparking creativity in children. The Flarwo duo decided to avoid plastic and other materials usually found in toys, while securing that the products come at maximum robustness. This makes these little animals a companion for childhood – perhaps even adulthood.

Flarwo has just launched their new website where you can browse all animals and read more about their CSR approach and purchasing. Interested? Find it right here: Flarwo