Factory Validation

We verify all factories in individual evaluations where we assess production conditions, capacity, workflow, management, cost-efficiency, social/ environmental efforts and more. If the factory lives up to our own standards, adheres to legal requirements and shows openness with regard to CSR issues we create them a profile on our website. BRICpro is not connected to the factories in any financial or dominating way. Our role is to represent.

We have found very good suppliers in small to medium size factories which often miss a chance at getting official certification due to disproportionately high prices or their remote locations.


Factory Collaboration

Many of our factories are certified and awarded plants, yet beyond that, our goal is to actually build the trust that certification intends to substitute. We are dedicated to build trustful and mutually beneficial long-term relationships with factory owners and staff.

Above all, the following are ends in themselves, yet we firmly believe that nothing drives profitability more than motivated and satisfied employees who are conscious about the fruits of their labor and recognized in their potential for personal development. Through BRICpro as a commercial platform, and thus as an economic incentive, we encourage factory owners to provide safe and humane workplace – an environment which not only prevents accidents and mitigates risk, but actively promotes welfare.

We created a commercial platform with a social spin-off!


Minimum requirements

We spent a lot of research hours on finding the best factories and those represented on our website are chosen with precaution. Our factory visits are guided by the topics stated in the BRICpro minimum requirements (below). These  relate to our two focus areas based on the Global Compact principles of Human Rights and Labour. In this regard we also collaborate with the Danish Institute for Human Rights. As every evaluation is highly individual and conducted on the basis of our personal experience, a concrete benchmark standard for the required level of CSR is difficult to define. We constantly revise and rethink our evaluation process. As minimum, however, every factory needs to comply with the following:



How many factories pass the BRICpro-standard?

Approximately 80 pct. of the factories we have visited are rejected because they fail to comply with the BRICpro-standard of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We have currently visited a total number of approximately 250 factories in China since 2011 whereto 50 factories have been granted a factory profile.

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