Factory Contact

Let BRICpro find the factory suiting your needs. Our core-competences lie in finding factories that live up to specific customer requirements. We visit the factories in order to verify their production conditions and working environment before recommending them via our portfolio. We require that factories comply with the BRICpro standard of CSR as a code of conduct. In this way we guarantee our customers the direct factory contact, leaving out all middlemen.


End-to-End Production Service

We handle sample processes, offer external quality control and lead the entire production for you. We are dedicated to customize all solutions and consult our clients during the whole production process offering technical as well as cultural know-how. Our on-site production specialists as well as the team in Copenhagen, Berlin and New York will assisst you with expertise and dedication all throughout the endeavor and take on full responsibility.

Production timeline BRICpro

PR Services

Another dimension of our service is that it adds value to your corporate narrative and marketing potential. Consider granting your customers insights into the ‘where and how’ of your production, or engage actively in the implementation of CSR standards at a given factory (see BRICpro Investment Program). On demand, we deliver documentation and PR material of your CSR efforts in order for you to effectively communicate your cause. This service shall enhance your brand value and put your business on the map as a forerunner in responsible outsourcing.


Factory Investment Program

Our ambition at BRICpro is to render CSR more than a buzzword. Hence, we offer our clients a way to actively engage with their suppliers. The Investment Program aims at supporting the production plant in a way which spurs gradual advances with regard to sustainability and workers’ conditions. Whether it is machinery, workflow or production scale that needs an upgrade, BRICpro offers a customized screening of investment options and acts as the coordinator of all steps necessary to implement new standards. In this way investors generate a lasting impact and create a competitive advantage for their product. For more details please download the brochure here:

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