When a new electronic product is being developed, a close dialogue between customer and hardware designer is needed in order to get everything right from the beginning. Through our network of experienced hardware and software designers, we are able to find the right person for a particular task. When it comes to building prototypes and testing the product at early stages we are also able to support low volume production with a minimum of startup costs. And most importantly, we monitor the production and resolve potential issues before they become big problems in transit on a container vessel. Once potential flaws in the product or manufacturing are ruled out, and development is finalized, we promise to have just the right EMS (electronic manufacturing service) in the BRICpro portfolio to support your future production.

Our electronics expert Markus Amendt together with our on-site partners oversee the production process. Markus has been working in electronics development and design for manufacturing for several years. He has experience within product introduction and consumer electronics. The team also comprises former project- and supply chain managers now focusing on supporting SMEs in their Electronics R&D process.