Fashion, Textile & Accessories

Finding the right supplier, who understands your brand, your customers and your quality – and who can create or match your production sample perfectly – is key to developing amazing fashion, textile and accessories products.

At BRICpro we understand complex sourcing realities, production, quality and CSR challenges the fashion and textile industry is facing. We are experts in navigating them, avoiding pitfalls and turning obstacles into opportunities for our clients.

Our tailor made services integrate quality sampling, competitive production, quality control and corporate social responsibility into holistic and ethical sourcing strategies which match and enhance our clients’ overall brand identities.

The road to success in highly competitive fashion and textile markets depends on having good, long-term relationships with the best suppliers. Our strong network and extensive portfolio of carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers cater to all sourcing needs.

Whether you need printed T-shirts, furnishing textiles or high quality designer samples for smaller production runs, we can assist you with tailor made end-to-end solutions.