The first crucial step when planning production in China and India is to find the right workshop. This will spare you potential rearrangements or difficulties once the process has begun. When it comes to furniture we acknowledge the importance of a prototype. Beyond the actual production we assist our customers with product development and technical furniture drawings. Hence, we typically support an in-depth testing phase in order to ensure perfection in material and design. Accordingly, we also offer to produce a single prototype without the need of a subsequent order.

On the basis of drawings, customer information and know-how, our vision is to create a perfect match between you and the workshop. To this end our furniture and wood expert Nichlas Hassing is guided by more than 10 years of hands-on experience in the industry and an unerring eye for design. Nichlas has developed a passion for cabinetmaking and interior design from an early age and as a result is very product focused. Starting out in China, technical know-how and not at last his proficiency in Mandarin let him acquire a sense for the pitfalls and difficulties companies face in the outsourcing process.