Just a few remarks before we get to the actual content of this post:

1) We don’t have space left on our office walls which makes this a way of awarding people in the team who perfom at their best.

2) For a second, we considered doing this in the typical “Employee of the Month” format.

Well, here is why we didn’t:

The BRICpro team DNA is made up of fairly diverse cultural backgrounds. Sometimes this renders ususal no-brainers complicated tasks. However, the benefits of working with different cultural perspectives commonly prevail. The key is to develop a sense of cultural sensitivity among team members in order to avoid  pitfalls.

So what has this got to do with our country manager Bowen?

Turns out that professional reward systems in China are fundamentally different from what we have gotten used to here in Europe. What we  perceive as rewarding might just fail to have the desired effect in China, because it has the opposite meaning there.

Although Confucian harmony is a big part of Chinese working culture, some management strategies aim at creating disharmony in order to drive competition. One of those is the “Employee of the Month” poster which, rather than praising staff for good work, has been used to draw attention to those who messed up (this does not imply that it is the norm). Obviously, we’re not interested in any sort of naming and shaming at BRICpro which is why we share this with you.

So now that we’ve clarified this point we can go about applauding Bowen for his great work without worries:

bowen1 (Copy) Bp unfiltered (Copy)

Bowen is BRICpro’s country manager in China and has been going to extraordinary lengths to follow through with production assignments lately. He is an engeneer by training and lives in Jinan from where he travels quite a lot to oversee all BRICpro furniture productions. He has an incredible sensor for state-of-the-art factories and is insanely good at organizing. Most of all, Bowen is known as a ‘no bullshit’ business man. Nichlas has started working with Bowen long before BRICpro’s advent and knows him as “a great colleague and lovely character”.

We’re very happy to have you on board!

– The BRICpro team