Mads og Niklas sjov-kopi - Kopie (Copy)

Lately, the Go-Grow Accelerator program at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship has made us think long and hard about the future of our business.

In itself a rather dry undertaking.

Turns out though, that the discourse revealed some things about the past that even the team knew little about.

The best one yet:

Way back in 2011 when Mads (left) and Nichlas met in Hong Kong, they actually started BRICpro without having seen each other once. They barely knew each other, but somehow the spark leaped over through a Skype blind-date, set up by ‘amor’ (a mutual friend). Circumstance had them continue the relationship in such manner for over half a year, laying the groundwork for BRICpro solely over the phone.

Obviously, it was quite an event when they finally met.

It is definitely reassuring to know that the BRICpro founders are well- trained in something we all face here on a daily basis. That is, communicating over large cultural and geographic distances, and time zones, while still getting things done.

So don’t dispair if you have to make a project or relationship work over distance. With dedication and an annoying load of “can you hear me?!”s, things will materialize eventually.