Fast Facts

BRICpro was founded in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a mission to assist companies create ethical business relations with socially responsible factories in emerging markets. Since then we have grown steadily and now have offices in Denmark, China and India.

Helping companies create brilliant products while strengthening ethical production practices is the core of BRICpro. Our dedicated team includes CSR and industry specialists in the areas of furniture, interior design and textiles. We provide custom tailored solutions on the basis of strong technical and cultural know-how and consult our clients throughout the entire production processes.

Production outsourcing has never been as easy and transparent!


The Concept

BRICpro is built on a strong ideal of safe and reliable production conditions in emerging markets. The concept forming BRICpro is twofold: The prime objective is to make outsourcing as simple as possible. That means providing the customer with a go-to platform for industry specific expertise within the outsourcing business. This is achieved through a personalized approach in the matching process and a portfolio of hand picked suppliers. We are real people sustaining real connections.

The second objective is linked to our creed that transparency and a balanced corporate culture drive profitability. Hence, we consider it an imperative part of our business to improve labor conditions for factory workers along the way. By means of the factory portfolio and our individual audits we aim to create awareness about CSR standards in production. A factor that offers clear economic incentives for suppliers to improve labor conditions. In the long-run, BRICpro wants to sustain supply chains in which both ends – customer and supplier – see clear benefits. Read more about our take on responsibility in outsourcing here.


Industry Focus and Expertise

BRICpro specializes in three areas of production: Textile, interior products and Furniture.

Accordingly, our team consists of highly qualified experts based in Copenhagen, Shanghai and New Delhi. Our strong local presence – close to the actual production sites and on-site CSR challenges -, as well as our in-depth knowledge of end-market conditions in the respective fields make us able to assist our clients in creating ethical sourcing strategies. The latter combine quality and competitiveness with holistic and socially responsible business practices. The BRICpro End-to-End Service includes everything from prototyping and quality control in the production phase to packing and shipment of the final product.


Job at BRICpro?

We are always looking for creative minds – both for our operations abroad and in Denmark. Send us your unsolicited job application if you want to be part of the BRICpro concept.

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