Endorser-Logo_gradient_BLACKLooking 4 years back in time. Back to the very beginning of BRICpro and seeing it retrospectively, we see the milestones that have paved the road to meet a new level of commitment to operate responsibly. Today we have taken another giant and important step. We are now a part of the largest global corporate sustainability initiative in the world: The UN Global Compact.

Since day one we have worked with the principles of Global Compact as a guideline to design and develop sustainable solutions for manufacturing units, factories and workshops. They have been embedded in our thinking and vision of what BRICpro one day should become and how we would be able to create a societal value by engaging in the local communities where we operate.

Without hesitation we can say that the Global Compact and the sustainable agenda has been a part of the BRICpro DNA since the get-go. We are thrilled and excited to unfold our engagement even further.

We commit to:

– Operate responsibly and in alignment with universal sustainability principles of Global Compact

– Take actions that support the society in the local communities we operate in both in Denmark and across borders

– Report annually on your ongoing efforts and performance

You can read more about the Global Compact on their website that can be found via this link: https://www.unglobalcompact.org/