We promote ethical production

BRICpro is an ethical sourcing company that helps design brands pro­duce furniture and interior design products. We assist from drawings to finished products and we focus on making the products in the most ethical and sustainable way possible by using responsible factories and sustainable materials. Our ambition is to be part of the solution and be part of solving some of the big challenges we see in the world.

In this way, social and environmental responsibility, product quality and economic profit go hand in hand in the BRICpro mind-set. This demands for a high focus on design and quality as well as on sustainability, human and labour rights and ethical business behaviour.

Sustainability at BRICpro is about seeing the possibilities to have a positive impact on the World around us – both regarding people and planet. However, it all starts with being aware of the influence and potential negative impact we have on the World through our business activities, which is why we have great focus on both our due diligence and our opportunities to create positive changes.

While always having an eye on the positive changes we can create, our focus is on two primary areas

  1. Creating improvements at responsible factories
  2. Promote and use sustainable materials to support a greener world


Responsible factories

We work to ensure that a 100% of our manufacturing partners are CSR approved. Either they are certified in social and environmental compliance, or they are visited and approved by a BRICpro colleague. The standards that our suppliers should work to follow is in line with the UN Global Compact, ILO and The international declaration of Human Right:


We are well aware that things are much more complex in reality so therefore we are always trying to engage with our suppliers to help find solutions for some of the issues they are struggling to solve. Our approach is to focus on all the positive gains of improving working conditions and focusing on more sustainable solutions. To help us in our search for professional and responsible partners many of our suppliers are BSCI, SA8000, or GOTS certified.

Sustainable materials

As a sourcing company BRICpro is always involved in the design process and we have a highly skilled design and production team ready to assist our clients with choosing sustainable materials instead of conventional ones. Our in-house selection of sustainable options consists of many different kinds of materials to upgrade furniture, interior and home textiles to be longlasting, beautiful and fit perfectly into the world of sustainable choices that many companies and consumers are asking for. Our range of sustainable materials consist of everything from responsible harvested wood, recycled materials and cradle-to-cradle certified textiles to materials that has a lower CO2 emission, is water-saving or has focus on animal welfare.

You can find our sustainable material library here.


We became a proud FSC certified member in 2019. We have talked about the FSC membership for a long time but decided not to engage ourselves previously as we didn’t find the FSC label trustworthy as we learned that the FSC supply-chain wasn’t systematic enough for our standard. Since then, we have been following FSC closely and found that a lot of improvement has been implemented to the FSC system to which we finally decided to join the FSC network in 2019.

NO! Plastic packaging

We strive to eliminate plastic packaging from the products that we produce. We have learned that we cannot rule out plastic packaging entirely from all products ranges, due to technical reasons, however, we have been able to identify the opportunities and have developed alternative packing methods, which will allow us to make considerable changes.

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative

We are a proud member for of The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, which is a forum where we can share experiences and knowledge about ethical trade and production with other likeminded Danish companies.

UN Global Compact

As part of the UN Global Compact we are obligated to work proactively with improvements related to human and labor rights, beneficial actions towards the environment and measures of anti-corruption. And we love it! We believe all companies should be required to built on the guidance principles set by the UN Global Compact.

You can view our CoP reports for the UN Global Compact here.