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Production facility with responsibility.

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The Concept

About BRICpro

Finding a factory in emerging markets can be daunting – or at least it used to be! With BRICpro we have developed a concept that makes it both easier and more transparent for companies to find manufacturing partners abroad. We strive to establish solid relationships with top-notch factories in textile, interior design and furniture. By means of an individual approach for each client and continuous consultation with the factories, we make sure to find the right supplier for your product. We can lead the entire production process for you, minimizing personal risks and

ridding you of complicated and time consuming research and correspondence. In order to provide this service we visit all factories in person, verifying their production capabilities and working conditions. In this way BRICpro, moreover, aims to create incentives for factories to adopt sustainable practices and put Corporate Social Responsibility on the business agenda. “Changing the game is about remodelling something challengingly complex, making it both smarter and simpler – exactly what we have done!”

                                                                                                                                                   – The BRICpro founders