We are specialized in sourcing furniture, home textiles, lighting and interior products for design brands in the affordable to high-end luxury segments. We work closely with our partnering factories and operate in 10 European and 7 Asian countries.

Our goal is to make production easy for our clients by providing an end-to-end solution from product sketch to delivery of the packed products, while pushing for ethical production and sustainability in our supply chains.

We have an in-depth technical knowhow and an large factory network where we are able to limit pitfalls and exploit comparative advantages.

Our clients’ setup varies in size and scale – and so does our service. We work with high volume products but also offer customisation for the contract market, work with start-ups, and for some clients we stock items and components. We create value for our customers by customising our service to suit their demands within procurement and supply-chain-manegment.


Product development

We know about design and production. The technical limitations, the trends, the secrets behind the classics, sustainable material, conscious buying, you name it. Let us knowledge share and make long-lasting products together where quality and price co-align.

In a standard product development phase, we assist our clients with design and construction optimization, feedback on the material and finish choices and implement packaging and transport solutions. Besides that, we are also collecting factory quotes and benchmarking bill-of-material as we source throughout the entire vertical supply-chain.

We thus make sure that the developed product can be sourced within the desired price level and provide the necessary knowledge on certifications and local legislations while planning that everything can be transported safely to the designated end-location.


We are a gateway to a reliable supply-chain. We vouch for the product quality and agreed lead times!

As we combine purchasing for many companies in the industry, we are generally able to achieve better terms with the factories, which is beneficial to all of our clients.

By offering a full end-to-end procurement service, our clients are able to save hours in their own product development-, purchasing- and shipping departments while also saving money on administration, auditing, quality inspections and traveling.


Quality control

Our service is including a product quality guarantee. This means that we conduct all the necessary initiates to make sure that products comply with the agreed quality standards. We conduct our own quality inspections whenever we deem it appropriate.

This mean that our quality control team is traveling a lot, visiting our partnering factories as much as possible. One of our foremost important tasks is to secure product quality and minimize claim ratio. A responsibility we are very serious about.


We have our own in-house shipping department, so we are able assist with handling freight from the factories to our clients’ warehouses, distributors or directly to the end-users. In practice, we collect freight quotes from several partnering shipping companies and select the ideal solution, hereafter we are handling the paperwork and making sure that the shipments are safe and well-underway.